Life safety through proper fire and smoke containment is a critical issue for Building Owners, Facility Managers and Health Care Facilities alike. Doors and hardware are essential elements demanding the utmost attention.  Code compliance and insurance audits aside, properly operating fire and egress doors top the list of areas requiring constant maintenance and regular inspections.

     Your Fire Doors and their many components are put through EXTREME testing to receive their certification as a Fire Door Assembly. They are built to exact and specific standards that are far more stringent than the average door assembly. They are built this way to be able to accomplish the ultimate task that they are designed for and that is to impede the spread of fire long enough for you, your employees and the public to get to safety and the Firefighters to arrive to do their jobs.

     The one destructive power, greater than fire, to a Fire Door Assembly is negligence through improper maintenance.  In most cases, it is discovered that the Fire Door Assembly is incapable of doing what it is designed to do only when it is too late and something tragic has occurred.  The regular Inspections of Fire Door Assemblies is the best way to ensure that your Fire Door Assemblies are given their greatest chance to prove that they are capable of doing what they were built to do.  Don't let something so simple be the reason your Fire Doors fail when they are needed the most.  

Revelation Door Inspections